Help Earth Foundation "HEF"

Together We can "Motto"

Help Earth Foundation HEF is a District of Columbia Not for Profit corporation engaged in helping Earth via social media and technology and old fashion Community building via Currently working with,,, , Tech@State and on crowd based initiatives.

Everything about (HEF) is unique in that we gets the majority of our funding via for-profit partner, which is via a hybrid corporate structure that HEF is a board member and stock holder participate. This allows the artists, bands, labels and stores to simply partner with Altavoz and HEF benefits; Even when a consumer even says I'm "BuyingThis". Both Altavoz & Help Earth actively engage the Altavoz suppliers to select their own nonprofit (especially local nonprofits) to give a portion of their proceeds to as well creating something we call the 5Wins.

For HEF long term vision is to support crowd based projects and Government & Private business with high degrees of attached and linking them back to Altavoz's artists, suppliers and partners that want to be part of social good campaigns and generally working to Help Earth. If you believe that HEF should partner with you please use our contact form to let us know.