Random Hacks of Kindness DC.

Announcing RHoKDC Hackaton for Domestic Violance Online Abuse Data at INTERNEWS,
The wide and varying data about Domestic Violance and Online Abuse and the abilty to gather, collate and analysis this data is a major stumpling block for activisty, governements and victums. INTERNEWS and HELPEARTH have commited to this Random Hacks of Kindness of this data and coming up with applications, solutions and a greater interoperabiliy.
Members of many communities from those impacted to AI and Blockchain are coming together to work on #DVOADATA
What's a RHoK? At a RHoK hackathons, the community comes seeking new technologies which are born, existing platforms are built upon, and innovative new ideas attract attention and support. The community of Coders|Hackers|Programers consider the requests and the determine which of the challenges are can be worked on and delivered in just two days. At the close of the hackathon, teams present the technologies they have developed and the community votes and prizes are awarded.
We have tickets for challegees, coders,donations and sponsors listed and if there is something else that you or a group would like to add or bring to the RHoKDC, please let help Earth Foundation know.
When: Dec 2-3 2017
Where: 1133 15th St NW #350,
Facebook Page: RHoKDC.org
Twitter: @RHoKDC