Programs that HEF supports break down into a couple of areas. Social Media for Emergency Management, Community Engagement, Small Businesses & Nonprofits.

  • In Social Media HEF engages on a number of platforms and offer support to our partners and underwriters
  • With our founders extensive Emergency Management background and Social Media skills we're able to offer hands on multi channel support
  • Having engaged with complex communities from Common Interests Communities to virtual online groups our decades of experiences is spot on.
  • Being active in our community it was apparent that helping small businesses with these capabilities was something unique we could offer them too.
  • Not-for Profit is not a bad word in our vocabulary and we're here on a mission to help others especially with hybrid corporate social good corporations

HEF also has a number of programs that it has designed either let lose into the world or is actively supporting or running.

  1. An APP designed at RHoKDC13 for Alice Deal Middle School and maintained by HEF
  2. Program to get youth in DC trained on the Cloud that HEF if building out
  3. Communities Online is how we describe these geocentric hyper local communities
  4. Supporting locals in a community via music and mom and pop retail businesses
  5. Using the Public Blockchain to report All Hazards in realtime and forever

      HEF is open to new opportunities so please use the contact page to leave us a message.