Getting Nonprofits online Help Earth does that now.

It's a tough world out there for Nonprofit and it finding funding is hard enough --for the core mission --getting it for social media or website is expressly hard. And begging for it from local creative and web-shops isn't fruitful, let's face every nonprofit artists, small biz is asking for the same thing. HELP with communications. has a great study about how nonprofit media is used or not in a service area, while it's old it's key finds reported in an educational study still hold up. Namely that it's hard out there and when nonprofits get good at it, the person most responsible is scooped up by for-profit media.

HEF wants to put and dent, we know it won't end, So it's with great pleasure that HEF is announcing a pilot program to put a crucial nonprofit , which has been at the front line of humanaritian response as volunteers, online to help them Connect to their Community Online.

The pilot program includes: Registration of a domain name. Establishing a hosting account, Building a custom website complete with CMS and community engagement facilities. HEF will further ensure that related social media and micro data is connected to the content and train the staff of the group on how to run it themselves while providing for backups of data and technical advice as they learn to grow the site and weather the lost of a key staff that was handling website related activities.

HEF is able to do this via a micro-grant from the and will be offering it shortly to others as a way for a brand to connect with an outcome that helps earth and a group that is often putting themselves in danger Stay tuned for more details,