The Help Earth Foundation (HEF) announces a new Ambassador's program for Social Media Citizens that want to be part of HEF's #Local2Global mission. Ambassadors will be able to work on the ground and remotely using tools that will enable them as & Community Advocates to assemble, work on a very chaotic or subjective missions, while monitering and reporting to internal audiences and the public, often via social media, efforts and results.

As HEF activies run the gambit from the #MetroCloud, which works across the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland & Virginia) to help local business, nonprofits and social good groups "Connect To Your Community Online". On to the global stage via HEF membership in the Digital Humanitarian Network (DHN) which aims to leverage digital volunteers in support of 21st century humanitarian response. To our long term commitent to CrisisCampDC & RHoKDC. emergency and open good hacks.

The sandbox for many of our Ambassadors will be our CommunitiesOnline Project. Starting with mapping them via our geo-centric community portals, to more advance advocay to furtner these communities by helping them to communite to the local and global audiences now cross connecting accross a wide and various media platforms. Our Ambassadors will receive training in Data Analytics, Cloud Campaigns* Microdata and Social Media classes. As the Ambassador program develops classes in CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) will be considered.

While HEF has a number of project that engage the Social Media Citizen nature of many of our younger citizens, the retiring generations or any for that matter our Ambassadorship is open to all people.

Apply to be an Help Earth Ambassador via this Google Form: (Yes, that is a Google Short Code)