One of the key foundations of Help Earth is that we derive income from the simple act of fans enjoying entertainment.

Help Earth knows that raising money to run the operations of this or any not-for-profit endeavor (crisis camps, hackathons ) while noble is not easy. And, from our experience working on our principles learned that entertainment and helping earth can be done, however infrastructure needs to be established before hand. With this in mind a few key stake-holders agreed that starting the HelpEarth Foundation was the right thing to do and was badly needed. And, with that as the starting point some earlier ideas of using music or video for nonprofits such as the VHS video Kayaking Extreme and the Snow Rider Project PSA -- became the foundation for how this new way of entertaining and doing good could work together. From the start it was apparent to many of us that having a social conscience attached to music and videos makes three Wins. A Win for artists, Win for nonprofit and Win for the public

The next challenge was to expanded the not-for-profit part into the corporate structure into a for-profit entertainment company (not an after thought or marketing ploy) and would any existing companies (remember this is pre B-Corporations) and most of the entertainment companies are either losing money are not interested in sharing the profits. When the opportunity came to relaunch just such a company in 2011 Altavoz Distribution the founders Nelson Jacobsen and Jessamyn Sarmiento agreed that having Help Earth Foundation be part of the stockholders was going to be critical to holding the helping to the entertainment part together. Thus making the 4th Win.

Below is a partial list of musical projects that are associated this program, Since all of Altavoz's releases are part of the program and Altavoz distributes to 2500 Digital Outlets, 10,000 Stores and 120,000 public libraries. So BuyingThis(TM) or Streaming it on any service as long as it's distributed or exported by Altavoz it supports Help Earth Foundation works. Please note that Help Earth will also benefit from the recent emergence of Altavoz Entertainment, Inc, (OTCPK:AVOZ) as we're one of of the share holders.
Adding more Soon

Dawn Richard - Golden Heart
Doyle Wolfgang VonFrankinstein - Abominator
K Mitch - Perfect Timing -
Lua Proc - Fish Tailing -
Theo Sampel - Sampel This

Big Mucci -
Dawn Richard -
Doyle -
K Mitch -
Lua Proc -
Lady Cam -
Quinn Sullivan -
Sunwolf -
Konshens -

The Honor Man -
K Mitch -
Lua Proc -

This is a new day and whenever you see the name @AltavozEntmt or Altavoz Distribution on any entertainment goods or associated with it, your act of purchasing it and enjoying the entertainment will Help Earth and create the 5th Win