All Hazards Aide

Our founder, Nelson Jacobsen, Having been part of what might be considered the first large scale online and on the ground response to a natural disaster the Boxer Day Tsunami even launching believes there is familiar reaction | response | reconciling to any disaster. This is a board and often sweeping group of that now just happens with all of the elements showing up all in the name of helping out. Emergency Responders call them unassigned volunteers and they call themselves . And it's time to address this and make it work for all of us.

One great example is : Alison Thomson who was one of the first to show up on the ground for Boxer Day Tsunami. She's fondly known in Sri Lanka as the "Angel of Galle. There she ran a 3000 person Internally Displaced Person camp and busy field hospital " to read about it Alison now guides the Third Wave Volunteers, which are some of the first in any natural disaster zone. And they're clearly part of the solution not the problem. The problem it seems is that most responser are so busy trying to respond to the current activity or event and don't have time or the budgets to learn and train on these new developments.

One of the things that should be obvious today is that any and all people will now show up online and in-person and it's better to get them organized and effective, than worrying about where or why their not on an org chart. So let's start to think about the evolution of the roles and people that come into All Hazards. From the outpouring of those impacted by the events to those responding online on the ground a mapping of this response is needed and it is something that HEF is very interested in taking and researching with others for the good of the all.

Who or whom shows up coming next.