SMEM Dropbox for Erika

HEF has opened a dropbox as part of a SMEM, Social Media Emergency Management, outreach for the general public during Hurricane Erika as a way to share information. In no way is this 911! All emergency and threats of any kind need to reported to local authorities.

For the purpose of this exercise HEF has already established a basic setup for the possible collection of information to be be collected and analyzed. Structure currently is Dropbox > Erika>>Photos>> Requests

Keep on your agenda

This weekend CodeDayDC ran as part of series of code or hackathons across the country and HEF, founder, Nelson Jacobsen volunteered to be one of the local judges

Now what is CodeDay? CodeDay is a series of student programming events held across the world. It's the world's largest series of educational programming marathons, in addition to being one of the most effective methods of education.

3880 hours coding
26 cities nationwide
2,000+ projects
10,000+ participants

Getting Nonprofits online Help Earth does that now.

It's a tough world out there for Nonprofit and it finding funding is hard enough --for the core mission --getting it for social media or website is expressly hard. And begging for it from local creative and web-shops isn't fruitful, let's face every nonprofit artists, small biz is asking for the same thing. HELP with communications. has a great study about how nonprofit media is used or not in a service area, while it's old it's key finds reported in an educational study still hold up.


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