Working around the clock just not here

Just wanted to give a quick update on some of the project that HEF has recently been involved in and some insight into what we'll be doing in the future.

HEF activates with DHN for Harvey2017

Starting on Aug 25, 2017 Help Earth Foundation went in to Social Media Monitering and reporting on Hurricane Harvey and the subsequent events from the impact of Harvey and working on a short and long term housing crowdmap which is using the power of social media to help those that need a home with someone that is willing to share their home. As well, HEF activated with many of it's fellow partners in the Digital Humanitarian Network working around the clock on the US Coast Guard DHN activation request.

Updates on HelpEarth

The latest HEF
Activities, Events and Programs

Activities include

  •, a public ledger use of the Blockchain.
  • Working on World Crypto Exchange NGO, NonProfit standards for cryptocoins

    Events include

  • Attending summit to rep
  • Attending NIST Blockchain event to rep
  • Programs


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